Uninsured Driver Car Accidents

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Question: How Do I File an Accident Claim with an Uninsured Driver?


Occasionally, we have a car accident client in Washington who comes to our office and they’re in the unfortunate situation where the person who hits them has no insurance or very limited insurance. What we do in those circumstances is explore whether there may be other coverage.Uninsured Driver Car AccidentsA mandatory coverage in Washington is called “under-insured motorist coverage” or “UIM” which would be coverage that steps into the shoes of the person who hits you. It’s very important to review your policy, or take your policy to your attorney, to be sure that that extra coverage is explored, because you may have coverage that will cover your injuries in the event that the person who hits you doesn’t have insurance. That would be the same if the person who hits you has very little insurance, and you could stack this type of coverage on their insurance so that you have a bigger pool of money to pull from.

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