Slip and Fall on City Property

Did you suffer a slip and fall on city property? You may be entitled to compensation. Watch this video to learn more.?

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Question: Do I have a claim if I slip and fall on city property?


In Washington state, if you’ve been injured in a trip and fall or slip and fall accident and a municipality is involved, you can have a claim against them. Claims against municipalities are different from claims against individual homeowners or premises owners. You have to file what’s called a notice of claim and typically, you have to give them 90 days? notice before you can file a lawsuit.Slip and Fall on City PropertyAlso, you should contact an attorney who can send them a freedom of information act letter to see if there were any incidents like this in the past, and whether there was any work done on the premises before your trip and fall or slip and fall. It’s important that you contact an attorney in these cases, and they can develop the evidence and obtain the facts necessary for you to get a recovery.

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