Serious Car Accident Injuries

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Question: What should I do if I’m seriously injured in a car accident?


If you’re seriously injured in a car accident in Washington, what you should do while you’re still at the scene is collect as much of the evidence as possible. That would include taking photographs and collecting the other driver’s insurance information, which is very important. It’s much harder to track that down after the fact. Call the police. If it’s a serious wreck, you definitely want to get that documented.Serious Car Accident Injuries
If there are witnesses, be sure you get their name and contact information. If you’re injured, most importantly, seek medical attention. You want to be sure that if you don’t need an ambulance to come to the scene, that you do that within 24 hours. Go to a walk-in clinic and be sure that you document what’s hurting and that you’re hurting because of a crash.

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