Preventing Bicycle Accidents

Preventing Bicycle Accidents

Preventing Bicycle Accidents

Preventing Bicycle AccidentsBike accidents can be just as serious as car accidents in some situations. This can be true even if you are involved in a one-vehicle crash. If you or a loved one was injured while riding your bike in Washington, contact an experienced Edmonds bicycle accident lawyer at Certa Law for a free confidential consultation. Here is some information on preventing bicycle accidents.

Steps to Avoid Bicycle Accidents

Bicyclists can take steps to reduce the potential for injuries and damage by:

  • Following the rules of the road
  • Wearing appropriate safety gear like helmets and padded clothing
  • Using reflective gear at night
  • Utilizing front and rear lights on the bike

Regardless of the steps that you take to avoid an accident, drivers should also take care to be on the lookout for cyclists and share the road. When they fail to take these steps, legal liability for your injuries and damages may result.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident while on a bicycle, you may have legal options. The best way to determine what your next steps should be is to set up an appointment with a member of our team. We can help you decide whether you have a worthwhile case and how you can take action to increase your chances of getting damages for your accident.

Preventing Bicycle Accidents

It is very common for those involved in bike accidents to also be partially at fault for the crash. For example, if you, as a bicyclist, are not following a bike-related rule or law in Edmonds, and a collision results, you might be considered partially at fault because you were ignoring bike law.

Thankfully, Washington uses a system called pure comparative negligence. This system allows you to still bring your legal claim even if you are partially at fault for the collision. In fact, you can start a lawsuit if you are 99% at fault for the crash. However, your overall damages will be reduced by the amount of blame attributed to you.

In some states, you cannot start a legal claim if you are at fault at all. It is a significant benefit to accident victims in Edmonds that Washington uses comparative negligence.

Contact an experienced Edmonds bicycle accident lawyer today for a free consultation. We will help you recover all damages you may be entitled to.

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