Motorcycle Accident Insurance

Motorcycle Accident Insurance

Motorcycle Accident Insurance

Just because you have motorcycle accident insurance doesn?t necessarily mean that you will receive full compensation for your injuries. Because insurance companies don?t want to pay out high settlements, you will need an experienced Edmonds motorcycle accident lawyer to make sure you receive the compensation you deserve. Set up a free consultation with our injury lawyers by calling our office today.

Motorcycle Accident Insurance | Receiving Compensation

People often ask, ?I have motorcycle insurance, so I?m covered, right?? Yes, you are. In fact, the state requires you to have insurance before you can ride. But if you?ve never experienced an accident, one thing you?ll discover if you do is that the insurance companies aren?t as concerned about you or your ride as they are about settling your case.  

Remember?an insurance company is in business to make money, not pay it out. The company and its claim representatives work to pay you the least amount of money they can get away with, regardless of your injuries or situation. It doesn?t matter whether it?s your insurance company or the other party?s?they?re looking to avoid paying anything, or to pay as little as possible. 

You deserve compensation for your injuries when someone else is at fault. Don?t be bullied by an insurance company. An Edmonds Motorcycle Accident Lawyer can help you navigate the process of filing and resolving your claim fairly. 

Motorcycle Accident Insurance | Comparative Fault

Washington is a state that uses the Comparative Fault Doctrine. If you?re found to be partly at fault for your accident, you can be assigned a percentage of fault. That percentage lowers any settlement you may receive. For instance, if you are assigned a 25% fault ratio because you were talking on your cell phone while riding, your settlement would be reduced by that amount. A $10,000 settlement will then become $7,500. 

Make sure you know your rights before you sign away your rights to recover damages. Call an Edmonds motorcycle accident lawyer today and find out what to do before you make a huge mistake.  

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