Mistakes to Avoid After a Bus Accident

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Question: What mistakes should I avoid after a bus accident?


If you’ve been involved in a bus accident, here are some common mistakes that we see injured people make in these types of cases. First is not documenting that you were on that bus. If you’re commuting to work on a bus and it gets into a crash, it may be easy to jump off that bus and hop on another bus and go to work. The problem with that is that there is no documentation that you were on that bus, so what you want to do is wait until law enforcement or the transit supervisor show up to be sure that your name is on the roster of people that were on that bus at the time of the crash.Mistakes to Avoid After a Bus AccidentThe second common mistake that we see is not seeking medical attention. For the same reason, if you’re on the bus and you may be in a rush to get somewhere, oftentimes the bus will provide a backup bus for you to get onto so you can continue your ride. It’s not important that you go immediately to seek medical attention, but certainly within the next day if you’re hurt, you want to be sure to at least go into a walk-in clinic to have your injuries documented.

The third mistake that we see commonly is not hiring an attorney early enough. While your case is fresh and there is evidence to be collected, an attorney can do their best work. This is when we can track down the best photographs, collect dashcam video from the buses ? which get destroyed or recycled after 30 or 45 days usually, depending on the company ? get witness statements while their recollection is still fresh. You want to be sure to hire an attorney early as opposed to waiting one or two years when all that evidence is much harder to collect or has disappeared.

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