How Long Will a Construction Accident Case Take?

How Long Will a Construction Accident Case Take

How Long Will a Construction Accident Case TakeA job site can be a dangerous place. Even if you take all proper safety measures, an accident can happen at any time. As Washington personal injury attorneys, we are often asked, “How long will a construction accident case take?” The answer depends. The only way we can give you a proper determination on how long your case might take is if you schedule a free consultation with our lawyers so that we can go over the facts with you. Call our office today.

How Long Will a Construction Accident Case Take? | Settlement Timeline

The length of time that it takes to resolve a construction site accident varies. It depends a lot on your recovery. You really cannot start settlement discussions until your injuries are resolved. You need to either get to pre-accident condition or reach maximum medical improvement. Typically, it’s 12 months to 18 months from the time you start the lawsuit that you can expect to wrap up the case.

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How Long Will a Construction Accident Case Take? | Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ Compensation is similar to an insurance company in that they protect their workers and pay the medical bills and lost wages if you’re injured on the job. The downfall is that you cannot recover pain and suffering from workers’ compensation. Your recovery is unfortunately limited.

Construction accidents have the potential to cause long-term damages that can’t be measured. Workers’ comp can help you recover lost wages and medical expenses, but what about loss of enjoyment of life? That’s where you’ll need an experienced Edmonds personal injury attorney. We can help you obtain the full value of your claim.

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