Edmonds Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Riding?your?motorcycle through the incredible scenery of the Pacific Northwest?is one of the best parts of living here. Whether you ride in the populated areas west of the Cascades, such as Mount?Ranier, or?the lesser-populated?areas like?Highway 20 to the east, there?s always a great ride to be had.?Until something goes wrong.

Edmonds Motorcycle Accident LawyerYou?re an experienced rider;?you?take precautions and wear good protective gear.?Unfortunately, passenger vehicles are your most likely danger, especially if they?re?operated?by drivers who aren?t as cautious.?Motorcycles are inherently more dangerous than passenger vehicles, but more than half of the motorcycle accidents in the state of Washington are not the rider?s fault.??

In spite of your precautions, you may still find yourself injured in an accident.?Your bike, your body, and your life are all in turmoil until you can heal, get your bike repaired and get back to work.?You may be faced with injuries?that range?from road rash to broken bones and worse. You may be facing?loss of income, physical and emotional distress and substantial medical bills.??

An accident can completely upturn your life.?When that happens, it?s time to call an Edmonds Motorcycle Accident Lawyer.??

I Have Motorcycle Insurance,?So I?m?Covered. Right???

Yes, you are.?In fact, the state requires you to have insurance before you can ride.?But if you?ve never experienced an accident, one thing you?ll discover?if you do?is that the insurance companies aren?t as concerned about you or your ride as they are about settling your case.??

Remember?an insurance company is in business to make money, not pay it out. The company and its claim representatives work to pay you the least amount of money they can get away with, regardless of your injuries or situation. It doesn?t matter whether it?s your insurance company or the other party?s?they?re looking to avoid paying anything, or?to?pay as little as possible.?

You deserve compensation for your injuries when someone else is at fault. Don?t be bullied by an insurance company. An Edmonds Motorcycle Accident Lawyer can help you navigate the?process of filing and resolving your claim fairly.?

Evidence?and Liability Determination?

How do you know who was at fault??It may not be evident at the time of the accident. The police will take a few pictures and possibly talk to witnesses or other parties involved. But a police officer?s determination in a written report based on being at the scene of the crash may not tell the entire?story. It may even be the wrong story.

Pictures, police reports, medical reports, witness statements and other documentation come together to tell the entire story?when they?re used?properly.?We?ll?work to?gather all the evidence we can find to determine who?s truly at fault, and better represent you.??

If you?re able?to, use your cell phone to take as many pictures of the accident scene as you can, and save them somewhere safe (iCloud,?DropBox, or?another safe spot).?If not, ask a passenger or bystander to take pictures and send them to you. (If you have an iPhone, this is a good use for?AirDrop; Android phones have a similar function) Deliver them to your lawyer either by email (with a link to the album) or on a flash drive to save?time and get a better picture of your accident beyond the police report.?

From there, we?ll fight to get you the best compensation we can.??

Helmet Laws?

You are required to wear a helmet in the state of Washington while riding. (This is also true for people who ride electric bicycles, mopeds and other two-wheeled vehicles)?If your helmet does not have a windscreen, you?re also required to wear eye protection.??

In addition to protection from a fatal head trauma, it?s?the law.*?

Comparative Fault?

Washington is a state that uses the Comparative Fault Doctrine.?If you?re found to be partly at fault for your accident, you can be assigned a percentage of fault. That percentage lowers any settlement you may receive.??

For instance, if you are assigned a 25% fault ratio because you were talking on your cell phone while riding, your settlement would be reduced by that amount. A $10,000 settlement will then become $7,500.??

Statute?of Limitations?

The state of Washington allows three years to file your claim after a motorcycle accident (or for any personal injury).?If you don?t file by then, your claim will be dismissed. It?s imperative that you file as soon as you can to avoid losing out on damages for things like:??

  • Pain?&?suffering?
  • Medical expenses?
  • Your lost?wages?and future earnings?
  • Damage, repair/replacement, and loss of use?of your motorcycle?
  • Other negligence-related losses related to the accident

Unlike other states, Washington doesn?t put a cap on damages you can receive from your accident.??

Don?t Sign Anything?

The day of your accident?is the best time to call an Edmonds?Motorcycle Accident Lawyer.?If you can?t, call as soon as you?are?home from the hospital?or are well enough to do so.??

An insurer will push hard for you to settle your case quickly.?If you do, make sure there is enough money to cover everything.?The right lawyer?will make sure your rights are protected, and you?ll receive enough to take care of your bike and yourself.??

Make sure you know your rights before you sign away your rights to recover damages. Call Edmonds?Motorcycle Accident Lawyer today and find out what to do before you make a huge mistake.??

*Laws change and are updated frequently. Check with?an experienced Edmonds Motorcycle Accident Lawyer to keep abreast of updates and new laws.???