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5 Lynn Hustved via

Certa Law Group is amazing. No matter how big or small your issue is they will take the time to steer you in the right direction. They put me in touch with my amazing attorney Cheryl Farrish who could not have made this process any easier. Always available to a answer questions and handle everything throughout the process. Highly recommended!

5 Julie via

I was in a bicycle accident in Seattle. The road had a sand patch in the bike path. The city and the construction company tried to wear us down by dragging things out but Pino stuck with me through thick and thin. We ended up getting a better settlement than I expected. Everyone at the office was friendly, efficient and low key. I feel that I could not have had better representation.

5 Ivan Gubarev via

I am very thankful to Certa Law for helping me going through a very challenging time right after a car accident. I was fully overwhelmed by insurance company daily phone calls and stressed out in addition to being in constant pain; Karen was very respectful, diligent, and professional and earned my full trust. If I ever need legal help again, I will not think twice about calling Certa Law Group, the team I fully trust. Thank you so much for such a wonderful job!

5 Jennifer Forbes via

I’m not the only one in my family who has had to seek attorneys for auto claims, where USAA would NOT cover medical bills after an auto accident injury. None of whom, did me a bit of good,.. none! Cheryl and Certa Law Group, skillfully represented me and for the first time was defended and protected!! I truly had an ally for legal representation. Thank you Certa Law Group!!

5 KT M. via

5 Chelsea Hansen via

I felt heard from day one, and very comfortable working with Cheryl and her team.
They made this process as easy as it could be and guided me throughout the process.
Highly recommend!

5 Simiti Zerom via

Certa Law Group made me feel like I was important and that my case Was a top priority! Even when this pandemic hit they didn’t slow down they just worked harder! Thanks to Mrs.Farrish and her amazing legal team!

5 Franklin via

I was unable to resolve an accident case so decided to seek legal assistance. After conversing with Cheryl Farrish at Certa Law Group regarding my situation I was encouraged by her understanding and felt comfortable about selecting Certa Law Group to represent me. During the negotiation phase with the insurance company , she and Cortney Williams, Paralegal, kept me apprised of developments and sought my opinion at appropriate times. I received replies to my questions without hesitation. I am happy with the settlement reached. I would definitely use them again if necessary.

5 Jason L. via

The experience dealing with the insurance for the short time that I did, was a nightmare. They had already taken 100% responsibility but as usual, tried to pay less than fair. I reached out to Certa and from the beginning they were great. The insurance still tried to low ball but when it was all said and done, Cheryl at Certa came through and got me a fair settlement! Not only that, they negotiated my medical bills down putting more money in my pocket. These guys are awesome to work with and I would recommend them to anyone dealing with a personal injury case.

5 Lynn via

Professionalism at its best!!

Having never needed an attorney before I was a bit skeptical about the process. From day one I felt well taken care of by Cheryl and her team. I was in a car accident in 2019 and it was evident that my well being was put first. She took care of everything and I was able to concentrate on getting well. My questions were always answered immediately and the explanations were easy to understand. The settlement process was quick and we were very pleased with the outcome. I highly recommend Cheryl and her team. True professionals!

5 Steven Childress via

Great law firm, very helpful and I felt as if I had someone in my corner fighting for me at all times. Would recommend this firm to anyone that wants things done right and professionally.

5 Bob Wahl via

I cannot express adequately my respect and appreciation for this firm. I had a small claim and frankly one where I did not expect anything. Not only was I informed by the Firm, that I did have a claim, but they followed through with countless updates and advice. This was a small case. The financial return to the firm could really not have warranted such a major effort to get me a settlement. I was led to understand that it was not the size of the case but what was right for me. The investigation of the case was thorough, not always favorable to me, but I was kept fully informed and it was explained that it was necessary when dealing with a legal situation. I was impressed by the effort, the tone, the respect shown to me and my position. In my opinion, If you need someone to represent you, it will be difficult to find a better firm, than the Certa Law Group.

5 Kirk via

My wife and I were involved in an injury multiple vehicle collision, causing vehicle stolen then hit & run, Our Uninsured motorist insurance was liable and with a law enforcement career, I felt I could handle the provider claims with our insurance company. My agent was non responsive and delayed bill payments to the point collectors were calling for payment. Stressed out, I contacted Cheryl who listened, asked questions and went to work. Cheryl kept me updated on her progress from the beginning to the end with no pressure to accept a settlement. Her paralegal Cortney was also an important part of her hard working Team. I highly recommend Cheryl and her Team for anyone involved in an accident.

5 Lynh Do via

I just wanted to say that I deeply appreciated the attorneys, Ms. Cheryl Farrish and Karen Hernandez as well as Ms. Arianna Spung, a firm administrator of the Certa Law Group assisting with my difficult case. Again, thank you all of you for the hard works and supports with my case. You all were very patient and genuine in working my case to fight for my rights and the truth of the case. My case would not be successful without you. I will definitely share my great experiences with your law firm, especially the wonderful staff of your office to all people that I know for assistance as needed. I would highly recommend them about law firm for assistance with trust. I hope your law firm will continue successfully assisting clients who need your help. thanks Pauline Nguyen

5 PD McKenzie via

I am very happy with the work that Cheryl and Certa Law did on my case. My doctors could not figure out how to bill my insurance and her office spent what must have been hours chasing down payments so that I wouldn’t have to pay out-of-pocket. I always felt that my interests were being covered and that I was being heard. This was a stressful situation but it helped a lot to have somene on my side fighting the insurance company. Ended up with a better settlement than I expected.

5 Lisa via

Cheryl helped me to negotiate and my car accident case. She was very thorough and responded to all of my emails and phone calls, usually within a couple of hours and always had great insight and advice. I had another laawyer help me with a car crash 4 years ago and the difference was night and day. Cheryl not only helped me get a settlement I was happy with, but was very kind and genuinely cared about the impact the accident had on my life and on me as a person. She is the best!

5 by JC Kline via

This is a top-tier personal injury law firm that has garnered an impressive array of legal awards and industry accolades for being among the best lawyers in Washington. Most of these awards sit in cardboard boxes in offices, because this firm is not a pretentious suit-and-tie office with a trophy case; it is a sleeves rolled up, hard-working legal team that is organized, dedicated, and committed to getting results for their clients. I have had experiences with several law firms and I am amazed at how organized, proactive and communicative Certa Law Group is. They are tough negotiators and care about their clients. They find things in insurance contracts other firms don’t point out. Did you know that you may be able to get compensated for accident-related wage loss from your own auto insurance? If you are the victim of a hit and run you can apply to get medical bills paid for by crime victim funds? That you can get compensated for your injuries by your own insurance company? It makes a big difference retaining a firm that will look for these things and set them up for you. I highly recommend Certa Law Group and hope you give them a call.

5 Ryan S. via

Certa Law Group was friendly, polite, professional, and helpful throughout the entire process from the initial consultation to the end of our engagement. Their office handled all communication with clarity and in a timely manner, answering any questions that I had as well as providing insight into the well-documented status of my case. Additionally, the team at Certa demonstrated a clear mastery of interacting with the respective insurance companies and health care providers related to my case. If you are in search of a hassle-free engagement with a firm who aligns their priorities with your interests, needs, and recovery, then look no further! The team at Certa will take great care of you. Thanks again to Cortney, Cheryl, Arianna, and anyone else who was involved with my case!

5 ricky p via

Very satisfied with how they handled my case. They were on top of everything. I was a layz client and they handled everything well.

5 Irene via

Cheryl was very pleasant to work with. She was a good listener and represented us very well. She was patient and was not pushy but at the same time fought for us fairly. We were very pleased with her work ethics and satisfied with what we were compensated.

5 Michael Cleveland via

So far excellent! Especially Paralegal May. WILLIAMS. Will keep all informed as case moves forward.

5 Jack N via

Very thorough and professional firm. Will acquire future services and refer friends and family.

5 S W via

Folks here are professional. Good, consistent clear communication throughout the process. Clear expectations, reasons for decisions are clear with decisions left to you. Fought for me throughout process. They were recommended by friends and I would feel confident recommending them as well.

After having no success in dealing with my auto insurance company in an uninsured motorist collision claim (my vehicle was totalled by a stolen (hit & run) vehicle, I contacted Certa Law Group. After learning the accident details, Cheryl accepted my case. She is professional, thorough, and compassionate. Cheryl kept me current on her progress communicating via email and phone. I felt a genuine concern from her and her Team. Settlement process was explained with no pressure allowing me with guidance, to make the right decision. I recommend anyone in need of an attorney that’s knowledgeable and experienced to call Certa Law Group.

5 anonymous via

When I was involved in a motor vehicle accident, Pellegrino was incredibly helpful getting a resolution with an opposing insurance company. Because I did not have insurance on my small motor scooter, the other driver’s insurance company tried to claim I was responsible for the accident. Pino agreed with my take on it, and fought hard to get them to take responsibility. Through negotiations, he was able to get exactly what I wanted, my vehicle to be repaired and my missed work compensated. I couldn’t have asked for more and would definitely recommend his services to anyone involved in a similar incident.

5 Kobe Brocksmith via

Very happy with what Cheryl and her staff did for me. Kept me informed with everything throughout the entire process. Great results. 11/10 would recommend to anyone!!

5 Maggie W via

I have such a pleasant experience working with Certa Law Group. From the front desk (Cortney) to the lawyer (Ms. Cheryl), they work as an efficient and caring team, who really put their feet in customer’s shoes. They are very quick in responding to any questions that I have, and really understand my pains. After the initial talk with them, I can really leave the whole business to them, and don’t have to worry about anything. They have built up my trust in them with their professionalism. I was rear-ended. The damage to the car wasn’t that bad, but my dizziness, neck pain, and headache kept on bothering me for more than almost two years. When I decided to use a lawyer, many lawyers were not interested since it was almost two years after the accident. I was very grateful that Mrs Cheryl was very sympathetic and understood my pain and suffering, and did a good job representing me.

5 Gracie de las Alas via

Cheryl Farrish has been a great attorney. She and her team at Certa Law Group took care of me and handled my case professionally. They always kept me informed as to my case progress and they were very thorough. Cheryl herself is a very compassionate and caring individual. Her many years of experience shows in her work. I would recommend her to anyone in need of a personal injury lawyer to fight for them. Dealing with my car accident was a very stressful situation. Fortunately, Cheryl was there every step of the way and took care of me and everything that needed to be done on my case. Thanks Cheryl!

5 Kainoa Davis via

I appreciate all Cheryl has done for me.

5 Vincent via

I was in a car accident and Pino and his team made a nightmarish experience better than tolerable. There service, knowledge and compassion were outstanding!! Specifically:
-They kept on top of and made sure all my medical bills were paid on time without me writing one check.
– They kept me informed of the progress of the situation at all times.
-They were always available and answered the phone when I called.
-Finally, they were able to get the case settled and closed in less than a year.

Outstanding people and Outstanding Service!!

5 echo echo via

Really enjoyed working with Cheryl, she has actually helped us with two auto accident personal injury claims. She was super easy to work with, communicate, and did a great job getting us solid settlement amounts from insurance companies. I’ve already recommended friends to Cheryl’s law firm here and will continue to do so.

5 Leah C. via

I am very happy with my experience working with the Certa Law Group after being injured in an auto accident where the liability was under dispute between my and the other insurance company. I realized I needed additional legal help to fairly settle my case, and came to the Certa Law Group for help. Cheryl and her team were very patient, friendly, and understanding throughout the whole process and did an amazing job communicating with the insurance companies and keeping me up to date on everything in my case. With a lot of great effort, not only did they get the other insurance to finally accept liability, we were able to settle for a sizeable amount. Cheryl and her team helped me immensely through a very stressful string of months and I could not be more grateful. I highly recommend this firm, keep up the great work!!

5 Denice Swanson via

I just recently settled a claim with Cheryl Ferris. All those I worked with were extremely professional, kind, considerate, and fierce with the opposing insurance company to get me the settlement I deserved. It was an emotional time for me and the firm really respected that and helped me through this process with zero added stress from them. They were quick to communicate with not only myself but all the other agents who often contacted me even when they weren’t supposed to. All I had to do was email the firm and tell them someone was contacting me. They immediately took care it even getting an apology from the other agents making me feel empowered through the entire process. I really can’t emphasize enough that this is the best attorney you can hire.

5 Jahon Liverman via

5 Dorena G. via

We had a positive and professional experience with everyone in the law firm. They answered every question we had and made the whole process easy and very smooth for us. We fully recommend this law firm for anyone that is looking, we know that you will get the best service out there!

5 anonymous via

Before meeting Cheryl, I was frustrated and confused. However, Cheryl took the time to meet with me, learn about my situation, and propose a strategy that I found intelligent and practical. Then, she doggedly pursued my case until I obtained a favorable result. I would highly recommend her services to anyone, especially if you are looking for an honest and hardworking attorney.

5 Thomas Beals via

On April 4th of 2019, I was involved in an automobile accident. It originally seemed pretty simple, my car was totaled and the other driver’s insurance company paid me for the totaled car. But soon after, I started having shoulder issues from the accident. After speaking with my partner about my options, he suggested I contact an attorney. After searching around, and contacting Davis Law Group, they referred me to Certa to handle my case based on my circumstances. I originally worked with Karen Hernandez, and my case was later escalated to Cheryl Farrish based on issues that came up during my recovery from my shoulder injury. Both attorneys, as well as their paralegal Cortney Williams, were super responsive and communicative, making sure to keep me updated on the status of my case, how much I should expect from the insurance company for my injuries, and kept on the insurance company when they tried to lowball me on multiple offers. I highly recommend Certa for their professionalism and ability to handle my case, and would certainly give them my business again if circumstances required it.

5 Cheryl C via

Very attentive and responsive. Great customer service. Would happily work with Certa Law Group again.

5 Anna Broderick via

Cheryl Farrish and her team are compassionate, patient, knowledgeable, and fair. I recently received my settlement check and it was greater than than expected. They are the best! 10 star

5 Tony via

Armed with a top notch law firm already and in the midst of a David and Goliath type legal battle. We reached out to the Law Firm of Pellegrino L. Certa, not just for his legal expertise but for also because of his excellent ability to work under press in any and all situations. I wish we had him back home in the big apple….

5 Paige Wallin via

Extremely pleased with my experience with Certa Law Group and the work they did for me on the settlement for my auto accident. They kept me in the loop with updates on my case, and made the process of settling with insurance companies so much easier than doing it alone. I would highly recommend using their firm to anyone.

5 Clay via

Pino Certa was a professional all the way. He was able to work me through my case and give a clear view of what was happening step by step. And the day of the decision Pino was determined and focused on getting results beyond my expectations.

5 Wes B via

I was extremely pleased with the work that this team did for me. They were actively involved from start to finish and kept me informed of all their activities and I highly recommend this firm to help settle your case. Great Work!

5 Jim via

After a free initial consultation I was comfortable with the experience and level of dedication. I was pleased with my choice as the case proceeded efficiently. The witness follow up was thorough as was all record keeping. I never felt that I had difficulty contacting the office if needed. At settlement there were no financial surprises and since my case was several years ago, I am confident that the additional experience has only made an excellent legal representative even better.

5 Cameron Hughes via

5 Jeffrey via

Cheryl Farrish is a true professional! This was my very first case and Cheryl made it an extremely pleasant experience. At first, I was very reluctant and intimidated to begin working with an attorney. With all the unknown verbiage and documentation, Cheryl made certain that I understood everything. During the duration of my case, Cheryl made it a point to keep me informed on all processes and procedures, and she wouldn’t move forward unless given the OK. I felt that I could give her my upmost trust and that she always had my best interest in mind. At no point did I ever feel pressured to accept an offer that I didn’t agree with. If questions are to be had, she is extremely quick to respond and knowledgeable. I would give Cheryl the top of the line recommendation when selecting an attorney. Thanks again Cheryl!

5 Reva via

Following my car accident, my best friend (a family law attorney) referred me to Cheryl, so my expectations were already high when I met her. She definitely lived up to my expectation. Cheryl was informative, organized, and clear, so I always knew what was going on and what to expect. She worked to get the best settlement possible for me and helped me understand my options along the way. Finally, Cheryl was very professional but still friendly and approachable, and I felt comfortable asking her questions. I highly, highly recommend Cheryl.

5 PJ via

Cheryl and Arianna were great to work with. They were patient and answered all my questions in a timely manner. I really appreciate the time they took to explain how each process worked. I would definitely hire them again should the need arise.

5 anonymous via

Cheryl was exceptional to work with on my personal injury case after I was struck as a pedestrian by a vehicle, and injured. She took care of all the paperwork, working with the insurance company, and talking with my doctors. In the end, she was able to negotiate a fair settlement. Throughout the entire process, Cheryl and her team were very professional and kept me up-to-date on the status of my case.

5 Sushil Sushil via

5 Julia via

Ms. Farrish exceeded my expectations on every level.

5 anonymous via

Following a 2014 motor vehicle accident in which I was injured, I hired a Seattle law firm (not Certa Law Group) to represent me. This firm and its lawyers were an extreme disappointment: poor communication, undelivered promises and a lot of frustration ensued in the several months I worked with them. I fired my old lawyer and hired Certa Law Group out of Edmonds, Washington. I was immediately impressed with Certa Attorney Cheryl Farrish. Together with paralegals Sasha Craft and Arianna Spung, Cheryl provided a more positive attorney experience than I ever anticipated. From the outset, Cheryl was transparent, professional, personable and reassuring. She and her team were detailed, fair, compassionate and excellent communicators. It was such a relief to know my case was in good hands, being taken seriously, and pursued until the best outcome was achieved. Every interaction and aspect of our professional dealings were positive, but this wasn’t the end of it: Cheryl expertly negotiated two top-dollar (policy limits) settlements in my case, which far succeeded my expectations and brought a better resolution to my case than I had ever anticipated. I enthusiastically recommend Cheryl as a premier attorney and, by extension, Certa Law Group as a premier injury law firm. From the bottom of my heart, Cheryl, Sasha and Arianna, THANK YOU for your devotion to serving me as your client!

5 Julie Paschkis via

I was in a bicycle accident. Pino and the Certa Law Group got a really good settlement for me. They were honest, straightforward, calm and helpful. I could not have asked for better representation.

5 anonymous via

Cheryl Farrish helped me with getting my medical, auto and personal claims settled after a car accident last year. Cheryl and her office were very responsive, consistent and clear with communication and were able to settle the claim to my satisfaction.

5 Trinh via

I was hit; other car traveling real fast from behind. Attorney Farrish helped me to settle and even in difficult negotiations she was very calm/confident and handled case with so much energy and proaction! I like her style. She never make me feel nuisance even though I call a lot. And she got me more than I thought case was worth. I feel grateful for her help and already send 2 friends to her for car crash.

5 Rachel Barrett via

I came to Certa Law Group upon recommendation from a friend after I suffered in injury in an automobile collision involving an uninsured motorist. I knew I wouldn’t be able to go up against an insurance company without legal council so I met with Cheryl at Certa and we began the process. Cheryl was very patient with me while I sought ongoing treatment for my injury and her team was supportive, knowledgable, and effective. They were there with me every step of the way to guide me and keep things on track. We were able to settle with my insurance company and won the maximum amount. Go Certa Law Group! I’m very pleased with their work! Thank you again, Cheryl and Arianna!!

5 Ray via

I am writing this review on behalf of my sister who Certa Law Group represented in a personal injury case and, although my sister was the client, I was involved through out the entire process since she is not an English speaker and I have to say, I actually felt as if I was the client as well. Their service was amazing and we only have one or two personal contact but, we have developed an intense telephone relationship with constant updates on the case. The main attorney, Mrs. Farrish, was phenomenal as well as her paralegal. Even after the case was settled they went above and beyond to resolve issues that came across. We do greatly recommend this law firm for any of your personal injuries cases. We hope not to need their services again but if another accident is in the future, we know where to go. Thank you to everyone at the office.

5 Megan Green via

5 Antiqua via

Ms. Farrish is great more than I ever expected in a lawyer she works very quickly. She care about me as a person not just a case number. Even down to my elevator fear she always came down to meet me instead of making me ride the elevator up. She is a wonderful person and and an amazing lawyer

5 Emmie Moo via