Choosing a Construction Accident Lawyer

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Question: How do I choose the best construction accident attorney for my case?


You’ve probably been involved in a construction accident in Washington state and you need to hire an attorney. The best way to go about hiring an attorney is by making sure that they do personal injury work only. You want to avoid going to a lawyer who practices in many areas.Choosing a Construction Accident Lawyer

Second thing you want to do is make sure that the attorney has construction accident litigation experience. Experience is very important. If the attorney has an insurance defense background, that’s very helpful in that it helps prepare the case for trial because you know what the other side is going to do and how they’re preparing the case.

The third thing you want to do is make sure that the attorney that you hire has trial experience and will prepare your case for trial. Although settlement is what most people want to accomplish, not every case settles. You have to make sure the case is prepared to go to trial if you need to.

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