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Question: What are the differences between bus accidents and car accidents?


If you’re involved in a bus accident in Washington, you may wonder how is a bus accident claim different than a car accident claim? There are a couple of key differences. One is that a bus is a common carrier, and so what that means under Washington law is that the driver has heightened responsibility to its passengers. It changes the dynamics of the law a bit, and any personal injury attorney that’s experienced in this area would be able to walk you through those elements. Bus Accident Injury Claims The second thing to keep in mind with a bus claim or bus accident claim in Washington is that often, those bus companies are owned by governments (cities, municipalities, school districts) and that does change some of your legal requirements in terms of reporting the claim. Again, any personal injury attorney who’s experienced in bus accident claims in Washington could help you walk through that process, but it typically means you need to provide earlier notice to the bus company or the government of your intent to bring a claim.

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We had a call today from someone who had questions about filing a bus accident claim in New York. We practice in Washington, but we found these personal injury lawyers in New York, NY that did a great job with their online guides and videos. If you or someone you know is ever injured by a bus in New York, take a look at their online New Yok Bus Accident Guide.