Bus Accident Injury Cases

Bus Accident Injury Cases

Bus Accident Injury CasesPublic transportation can often be inexpensive and convenient. It also can carry a greater risk of injury. That’s because, as a passenger, an accident that you have no control over can happen at any second. If you have been seriously injured, you need a law firm that has experience handling bus accident injury cases. Certa Law Group can provide the professional services you need. Call today to schedule a free consultation and receive maximum compensation for your injuries.

Bus Accident Injury Cases | Getting On/Off the Bus

A bus driver or busing company starts being responsible for your safety as soon as you attempt to get on the bus. It continues until you are safely away from the bus. That means that if you slip and fall while you are getting on or off the vehicle, the bus driver, busing company, or another party could be responsible for that fall. The most common example of this type of situation is if the driver parks the bus in an unsafe location, making it especially dangerous for you to enter or exit, such as over a pothole, large puddle, or an uneven surface.

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Bus Accident Injury Cases | Harmed While on the Bus

You don’t have to be involved in a collision to suffer an injury as a passenger on a bus. For example, imagine that the bus driver was texting and looked up just in time to slam on the brakes and avoid an accident. While you did not crash into another vehicle, the impact could have pushed you into the chair in front of you, it could have caused debris to fly out and hit you, or it could have resulted in whiplash. The bus driver would clearly be at fault in that type of situation and would likely still have to pay for any injuries you experienced.

Bus Accident Injury Cases | Inexperienced Driver Accident

Because buses are difficult to maneuver, they are far more likely to roll or tip. When an inexperienced driver makes a tight turn, the bus may tip, causing severe injuries. Keep in mind that even one-vehicle crashes can lead to legal liability.

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