Avoiding Mistakes After a Car Accident

Avoiding Mistakes After a Car Accident

Avoiding Mistakes After a Car AccidentIf you are seeking compensation, you will need experienced legal guidance to help you with avoiding mistakes after a car accident. Contact our Edmonds personal injury attorneys today to find out what you should and should not be doing when in the process of filing a claim.

Don’t Speak with Insurance Companies

We see a couple of mistakes that car accident victims in Washington commonly make. One would be making a recorded statement to the insurance company. From the outset, you’re going to probably get a call within a day or two of the crash and your answer to even common questions will be used against you later. Don’t take that call if you don’t need to, and definitely do not provide a recorded statement to the insurance company.

Document Your Injuries

The second most common mistake that we have is people not documenting their injuries. If you come to us two months after the crash and you’ve been hurting that entire time, but you never saw a doctor for your injuries, your case is very difficult.

Follow Your Doctor’s Orders

The third thing that we see people making mistakes on in personal injury claims in Washington is not consistently following your doctor’s instructions. If you go to the doctor and your doctor says you should seek massage two times a week and, instead, you’re going once every month, that’s a problem. Be sure that you’re following your doctor’s instructions and that you’re doing all you can to get better, because that’s going to build not only a stronger case but improve your chances for making a physical recovery.

Were you or a loved one involved in a serious wreck and have questions about the mistakes to avoid after a car accident? Contact an Edmonds car accident lawyer at Certa Law Group today for a free confidential consultation. Let our experience work for you.

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